Monday, 30 August 2010


Crafternoon is creeping quickly up on us and in preparation for the big day (Saturday 11th September in case you had forgotten!) the Crafty Creatures thought it would be a good idea to make their own bunting - results are in the photo above.

Bunting is incredibly easy to make and looks pretty! The most time consuming part of making it is cutting out all the triangles. To make our bunting we brought 2 metres of different flowered fabric. It doesn't matter, really, what sort of fabric you use but we used a cotton mix mainly because it was cheap and the one we selected had a nice flower print on it. We also brought some dark blue cotton binding and some pinking shears. We would advise spending quite a bit on the pinking shears as they will be sharper and easier to use. The pair we used was rubbish and as a result some of the triangle weren't cut out very well. Hopefully no one will notice though.

Once all our triangles were cut out, we sensibly got out the sewing machine and started attaching the triangles to our dark blue binding. To hid the unfinished edge of the triangles you must fold the binding whilst you sew. You could pin the triangles on to the binding first if you wanted and then iron the binding so you sharp edge to it...we were lazy and failed to do this. Remember to leave a nice gap between each triangle. We left 19cms between each triangle. Once all the triangles are attached you have finished and can hang the bunting where ever takes your fancy. We even had enough triangles left to make another 10 metres of bunting!

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