Sunday, 13 December 2009

Frock me

On a chilling Sunday afternoon one Crafty Creature was stumbling down the Kings Road on an voyage to find vintage. Every other month the Chelsea town hall gets taken over by Frock Me who put on a vintage fashion fair. For four glorious pounds you get to enter what can only be described as shopping heaven bar the fact you have to pay for things. Scattered around the town hall are numerous stands selling clothes and accessories from different eras. The prices seem to vary a great deal too. One stand I visited had beautiful dresses that were relatively reasonably priced but other stands had items that cost hundreds. Its worth taking cash though as you can buy some really good quality things at Frock Me.

Also, rather excitingly, there is a old school tea room at the back of the town hall. I managed to resist the cute cupcakes and devilish good looking chocolate cake (its was very hard) but had a lovely cup of tea from a pot and was served by a very friendly chap. On the way in to the tea room I spotted this rather fetching shrug. However I don't think I could ever wear anything with a head and its possibly a bit much for work so I didn't buy it.

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