Monday, 20 April 2009

Thanks for coming!

Hello to all you Crafty Creatures out there,

Thanks for joining us on Saturday afternoon - we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! There will be photos of the Crafternoon winging their way towards this blog (and Facebook) over the next few days so make sure you stay tuned - also listen out for news of our next event which we will definately be organising over the next couple of months.

See you (and your sock monkeys/t-shirt dogs) very soon! xxx


  1. Hiya. Sorry we couldn't make it. Hope it all went well and great news that you'll be doing some more.
    Take care and keep it crafty!
    Craft Guerrilla

  2. Hello!!!
    I wanted to go to the meeting last saturday but I couldn't find the place.
    First I went to the St. Pancrass Church next to Euston and then there they told me it was in the Old St. Pancrass Church. So I was walking there and I couldn't find anything. I was really sorry.
    Please if you plan to do another meeting please let me know.
    this is my mail
    nice if you can send my a map.

  3. Hello! Your crafternoon sounds amazing! When are you doing another?